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How to make money by making children smile and laugh?

In my opinion, it would be wonderful to earn money by making children laugh and smile. What do you think of that?

Here's the concept: The idea is to become a part-time professional clown.

How will you work? : You just need to target all events related to children (birthdays, baptisms, mitzvahs, etc...).

Is it a profitable business? : According to my research, a professional clown charges $200 an hour for his services. You can do better than that.

Conditions for success:

1) You must be quite funny;

2) You must enjoy the company of children;

3) You must carefully communicate

4) You must be patient and above all original

What is the particularity of this concept? : You can only carry out this activity on weekends and in parallel with your work.


Courage in all your projects

Rodrigue Nguemou

Tag(s) : #enfant
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