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Finance your project for free thanks to comments on Youtube posts.

Hi, I hope you're okay...

By clicking on "Skip the ad" to land on this page, you allowed me to finance my project. And thanks to this technique, I have already raised $10,000. I will now explain you how the trick works so that you can also finance your project for free.

The idea is this : There is a website to shorten the url links that allows you to earn money through advertising. The trick is to use their concept to finance your projects. The technique I developed thanks to their concept is very interesting so I suggest you read this article carefully until the end.

Indeed, the system of this site works in such a way that when you shorten the "url link" of an article taken at random on the web, and share it on social networks, a person who clicks on it goes through an intermediate advertising page before landing on the article itself. This is exactly the process you went through to land on this article. Basically, when you clicked on the "link" and then clicked on "skip the ad", I was automatically paid. (Actually, the website pays its members when someone clicks on "skip the ad" and watches the ad in 5 seconds like you did)

 Now, here's how I use this site to finance my project...

In fact, when I discovered this site, I thought it was a great way for me to finance my projects without a bank, without competition and without investors. That's why I wrote this article, then I shortened its "url link" and inserted it in the "small message" that led you to this page. And finally, I share this "little message" in the comments of facebook and youtube publications with millions of views. So, when a person clicks on the link to know "how to finance his project for free", (as you did), I get paid and I save this money to finance my projects (I already collected $10,000 and the amount is already on my paypal account).

Here's how you can use the tip to finance your projects as well:

Step 1 : Register on the site in question via this link: http://join-shortest.com/ref/e52023a3d6?user-type=new 

Step 2 : Copy the "url link" of this article and shorten it in the site

Step 3 : Copy the "little message" you read to land on this article and insert the link you shortened and then, like me, share the "little message" in the comments of facebook and youtube publications with millions of views. (I only use 30 minutes a day to spread my shortcut link and I get huge results. If you want to earn more, go beyond 30 minutes. You'll see results). To get the most clicks, make sure you search for publications with millions of views on facebook on youtube.

Why do you need to publish your "shortcut link" in the comments of facebook and youtube publications? : Because comments on these social networks exist even after years. So, even after 10 years, people will see your comment, click on it and you will continue to earn money to fund your various projects.

Why will thousands of thousands of people have to click on your link ? : Because most of us are eager to fund their projects.

You can earn more by creating a free blog and using your affiliate link. To find out more, let me know by writing to me via this WhatsApp number 237 678 232 005

Courage in your projects

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